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At the age of 3 years, my daughter had very limited ability to communicate with anyone, except her 5 year old sister who seemed to know this 3 year old's lanquage. My wife and I took our 3 year old to a specialist who dismissed our concerns and said she would be fine. We were very disappointed with this specialist's conclusion. We learned of Karen Wight and took our daughter to her for an evaluation. Karen concluded that she had developmental apraxia. We began about 5 years worth of 3 times a week speech therapy and were absolutely overjoyed with the tremendous improvement in verbal skills our daughter learned. Karen assigned daily "homework" from the very beginning letting us know that this would be a tough journey, but that this was definitely something that could be overcome so that our daughter could have the "normal" verbal communication skills that most young people enjoy. After about 5 years, Karen released our now 8 year old daughter and we had the summer off. Then we took our 5 year old son (who was not nearly as bad as his sister, but still needed help) to Karen for some months. When our daughter got into middle school, we noticed some "slippage" in her speech and took her back to Karen. She agreed to take her back, but after about 2 months, noticing that my daughter was no longer willing to do her "homework", Karen met with Dad and daughter and advised that Karen could no longer take our money as no good was coming from it. That daughter was unwilling to work on improvement each evening, then no good was coming from our meetings at the office. I know I am wordy on this, but I wanted all reading it to know just how good Karen is. And how honest and committed she is to each child and each family who seeks her out in her capacity as a speech therapist.

Charlie & Lisa Castlen

I have known Karen Wight for about 20 years. First when she worked with an infant with a cleft lip and palate when I worked in the nursery at OMHS She has worked with two of my children and it has made a huge difference. As a foster parent I take any of my foster children to her if they need speech therapy. I wouldn't use anyone else. Even though my 5 year old gets speech therapy in school she continues to see Karen regularly also because I feel she benefits more with Karen.

Mrs Judy Early

“Before my daughter Lydia became a patient of Wight Speech and Language, she had slight speech problems around the age of 4 and extreme trouble in spelling which began to be problematic by age 8 (3rd grade). At age four, I contacted Wight Speech & Language and after an initial meeting, it was determined that Lydia needed help with her speech. For almost a year, she met with Karen Wight and worked on trouble letters, sounds and words. At that young age, I was apprehensive about my daughter being receptive to learning something that most people learn naturally. My fears were put to rest because Karen makes learning fun! She engaged Lydia in a way that made her excited about going to see "Miss KK"; it didn't seem like work at all! By the time she started kindergarten at age 5, she was on track with her speech and ready to start school. We again contacted Wight Speech & Language several years after that when Lydia was completing 3rd grade. She was not confident in school because of her inability to accurately spell, pronounce and write words. She was extremely embarrassed by her spelling skills. She was afraid to write words on her papers at school when other students would be able to see them for fear that they would view her in a negative light. After many attempts to tutor her on my own and countless frustrating hours of trying to remedy the situation at home, we contacted Wight Speech & Language once again. We are so thankful for Karen Wight!!! Lydia responded immediately with the progressive help and guidance given by Wight Speech & Language. Karen is a natural with children and she has unlimited patience. After testing my daughter and assessing her strengths and weaknesses, they set to work to begin the process of improving her language abilities. My daughter now has unbelievable spelling skills and her speech problems are a thing of the past. She now has the confidence she needs to be successful at any level and she works boldly and independently on her schoolwork. To have faith in oneself is a gift beyond belief. Wight Speech & Language was the answer to our prayers! ”

Mrs Alisa L. Harper

Our daughter has been seeing Karen Wight three times a week for the past 16 months, beginning at age 2 1/2. When we first got her evaluated, her speech was in the 3rd percentile for her age. Karen helped us come to an understanding that our daughter has speech apraxia, and began helping her increase her use of language and the accuracy of her sounds not only during their times together during the week, but also by giving us goals and techniques to work on outside of her therapy time too. Our daughter who couldn't even say her own name in the beginning will now tell us "love you mom and dad" on a daily basis. We cannot be more pleased. Our daughter has grown to love Karen and the rest of the staff. She looks forward to her "KK days" because of how much fun she has. We are so proud of the progress our daughter has made in the past 16 months and look forward to what the future has in store as her speech strengthens even more!

Kenny and Taran Rager

We started seeing Theresa Castlen at the start of 2016. My son was 2 1/2 and would only say small words such as Mama and Dada. He also choked on his food everyday so we were worried he had a speech delay. Theresa has worked with him every week for the past year and my son I am excited to say now speaks in full sentences. People other then family members can now understand him and he is able to make friends when visiting the park. She has done an amazing job helping him figure out how to use his tongue properly so as to limit choking on food and making correct letter sounds. My son will continue to see Theresa until we are all confident in his abilities to communicate. We are very thankful for finding her!

Brook and Phoenix Chappell

“My son suffered a stroke when he was 19mos old. Because of that, his speech was very delayed. I had heard so many things about Ms. KK, so I called her before we left the rehab center with him. She was very excited to be working with my child. When he began speech therapy, he was only able to use a few words, and most of the time they were not purposeful. He began to experience a lot of aggression because he was not able to communicate as well as he wanted. Today, almost 2 years later, he speaks sentences most of the time and is more and more able to tell us his needs. His aggression has reduced quite a bit too! Not only has Ms. KK helped my child with his speech delays, but she has helped me to become a better mommy by communicating with me on how to help him at home to use his words and what they have been working on together. Ms. KK is a wonderful and compassionate therapist. My son loves working with her and she loves my son. Thank you Ms. KK for helping my son achieve goals and being the best he can be! .”

Angel Arnold

My son Noah was extremely quiet and barely had any vocabulary before we started seeing kk. He was frustrated alot of the time and we never knew what he wanted, or how to communicate with him. Since he has been seeing her, his personality shines through him. He loves going to speech, when we pass her office even on our off days he yells kk!!! He's always super excited and has made such progress. They are good friends. Karen also is super easy to talk to and is ways filling me in on everything he has learned and what to improve on the future. We love her!!!!

J Bridges Baldwin

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